child’s bed | redwood city

4-Poster Solid Wood Twin Bed Actually Free this time (redwood city)

Fantasy Gothic Black 4-Poster Solid Wood Twin Bed

Actually free this time. Must go today. Will be home after noon.

This was my daughter’s bed until a recent family tragedy.

It’s solid wood, in excellent shape. She used it only for a very short time.
Please see pickup requirements at bottom of posting.
We need to get it out of the house; it’s a painful memory we must part with.

She picked it out because it has a kind of “Gothic” look. Please see photos.
The very tall posts are like castle spires, and it was the envy of her friends.

This would make a very nice Christmas gift for a child who’s tending to be
a bit on the fantasy Gothic side. The spire tips slide easily out of their slots,
so a gauze drape could easily be added for a fairy-tale look.

It dis-assembles for moving. The spire posts are 6′-9″ from floor to tip.
Width and length are standard twin mattress size.

Available in daytime or evening after noon today.
If it’s not gone today, I will donate it to Goodwill.



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